Join us for an interactive 4-week course specifically designed for parents of aging and senior dogs. We will teach you how to make well-informed decisions on behalf of your pup.

We'll cover the signs of aging in dogs, share the latest research on this topic and help you answer questions like:

  • How to provide the best care in the later stages of your dog's life
  • How to identify when a behavior is normal or cause for concern
  • How to advocate for your dog and ensure a high quality of life
  • How to allocate resources and manage your own stress

This course is not a passive experience with someone blathering on about obscure scientific concepts. We don't want to bore you or have you drop out of the course halfway. Because that won't help your dog.

Instead, you will have an expert guiding you in observing your dog's behavior and body language, doing activities to support them, and applying useful resources. Plus there will be a community of pet parents who are also undergoing the same journey.

Your Instructor

Emma K. Grigg, M.A., Ph.D., is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB; Animal Behavior Society, USA). She is currently a Staff Research Associate and lecturer at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, and a lecturer in canine behavior at Bergin University of Canine Studies in northern California. She has taught companion animal behavior, wildlife biology, and environmental studies in New York, California and St. Kitts, and has authored a number of scientific publications on canine, feline, and marine mammal behavior. ‍

Her first book, The Science Behind a Happy Dog, was published in June 2017. 

She lives in northern California with her husband, son, four cats, a friendly golden retriever who didn’t quite make it through service dog school, and her own senior dog a slightly neurotic but much loved Caribbean ‘island dog’. 

What to Expect

Each week, you will receive a pre-recorded lecture, a short quiz, and suggested activities to do with your dog. We will review everything you are learning in our live sessions on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST.

♥ Week 1: Gain an understanding of how dogs age

♥ Week 2: Get clarity on your dog's quality of life and ways to enhance it

♥ Week 3: Learn to recognize , signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in Dogs

♥ Week 4: How to make Well-Informed Decisions, including when to say goodbye

Stay on track with a four-week schedule designed with busy dog parents in mind

Choose a Pricing Option

Each week you will receive pre-recorded video lectures and a suggested activity.

Then we will meet in person on a live Zoom call to discuss the material, go over everyone's results and discuss how their learnings apply to their dog's care.

*All Live sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make it live. 

You will be given an optional weekly activity where you can practice what you learn and discuss results during the live session. We will also provide pdfs of suggested articles and other readings to help you expand your knowledge. Plus recommendations for experts, websites and books that will be useful in your caregiving journey.

We want to continue to support you even after the four weeks end. As an added bonus, we will be offering 2-3 Expert Office Hours to cover additional questions that arise during the course. We'll get your inputs on who you want to hear from during Weeks 1 and 2.

In addition to the live video calls and recorded videos, you'll have access to the Petminded Dog Science Community where you can connect with other pet parents and experts in a friendly and welcoming space.

You’ll get the opportunity to learn from others’ experience, ask questions and get personalized advice for your dog. And you will have access to this community for 3 months, so you can go back and rewatch all the videos and continue to engage with like-minded pet parents.

There is a huge invisible burden in caring

for an aging pet

The purpose of this course is to reduce your emotional and financial burden while caregiving for an aging or senior dog. So you can make well-informed decisions and have peace of mind.

Old Dog with Stick